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Our Spaces

We have three rooms to cater to the different developmental stages. 

•  Kiwi Room (Babies) - 12-15 children
•  Pukeko Room (Toddlers) - 28 children
•  Tui Room (Pre-School) - 32 children

Children transition between buildings depending on their readiness and consultation with families.
Country Gate believes in maintaining a quality adult-to-child ratio.
Our adult-to-child ratio is higher than the Ministry's requirements.

The importance of rituals

Rituals can be developed between a parent and child or a teacher and child to ease or enrich emotionally loaded moments such as separations.
A ritual is a special practice that helps a child accept aspects of a routine, even an individualised routine, that are stressful. We like to speak with you regularly as parents to understand their comforts and to really tune in and connect with your child.

“Rituals make ordinary moments extraordinary.”